Krisztián Kiss

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INTRODUCTION Several single-center studies and meta-analyses have shown that perioperative goal-directed therapy may significantly improve outcomes in general surgical patients. We hypothesized that using a treatment algorithm based on pulse pressure variation, cardiac index trending by radial artery pulse contour analysis, and mean arterial pressure in a(More)
The distribution, antiquity and epidemiology of tuberculosis (TB) have previously been studied in osteoarchaeological material in the eastern part of Hungary, mainly on the Great Plain. The purpose of this study is to map the occurrence of skeletal TB in different centuries in the western part of Hungary, Transdanubia, and to present new cases we have(More)
Mycobacterium xenopi was isolated from the sputum of 21 patients with clinical signs of pulmonary disease and of 52 asymptomatic subjects living in the environment of a sludge pool. M. xenopi was cultured in high numbers from sludge samples. The infections were assumed to occur partly via dry sludge particles scattered by the wind in summer, and partly by(More)
Patients with peripheral arterial disease often have coronary heart disease, as well. However, their assessment with classical noninvasive cardiology methods is often non-diagnostic or limited. The aim of this study was to analyze the feasibility and the risks of dobutamine stress cardiovascular MRI for cardiac evaluation of patients with peripheral(More)
Nine patients with stage III and stage IV thymoma were treated with cisplatin, vincristine, lomustine, cyclophosphamide and prednisolone. Two patients (22%) obtained remission, and four patients (44%) showed no change for 11 to 31 months. It was found that this five-drug regimen did not improve the results obtained by other chemotherapy modalities for(More)
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