Kristyna Brozkova

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Microarray-based gene expression profiling represents a major breakthrough for understanding the molecular complexity of breast cancer. cDNA expression profiles cannot detect changes in activities that arise from post-translational modifications, however, and therefore do not provide a complete picture of all biologically important changes that occur in(More)
OBJECTIVES SNP309 polymorphism (T-G) at the promoter region of MDM2 has been reported to cause increased binding affinity of transcriptional activator Sp1 followed by increased MDM2 both in mRNA and protein level. This model was proposed in vitro in the small panel of cell lines that indicated an on average 8-fold higher level of MDM2 mRNA in cells bearing(More)
Most human tumors contain inactivated p53 protein, either by mutations and/or functional deactivation. Restoration of wild-type p53 function could be one of the key tools in new anticancer therapy. Using an electromobility shift assay, we investigated the effect of temperature on DNA binding of wild-type and mutant p53 proteins. We showed that analysis of(More)
Spectrometric-based surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization ProteinChip (SELDI-TOF) facilitates rapid and easy analysis of protein mixtures and is often exploited to define potential diagnostic markers from sera. However, SELDI- TOF is a relatively insensitive technique and unable to detect circulating proteins at low levels even if they are(More)
In this paper we describe the basic algorithmic characteristics of the test of the hypothesis that one group of dependences is consistent with another group of dependences for a case when the error disturbances of this data have normal distribution. Unpaired and paired versions are presented. The aim of our work was to find effective algorithms for(More)
The main purpose of this work is the derivation of relations for calculation of „power function for tests of null hypotheses on mutual relation of linear regression functions". The normality of error disturbances of processed data is the condition for power function validity. Presented regression model can be widely applied for sophisticated data(More)
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