Kristyn Spangler

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The majority of Americans remain inactive despite evidence of significant health benefits from even moderately intense activity. Previous intervention efforts have generally focused on changing individual behavior. This article discusses the use of policy, legislative and regulatory, and environmental interventions in promoting physical activity to prevent(More)
This column describes the planning and implementation of an integrated behavioral health project which was facilitated and endorsed by a developing accountable health community, the Washtenaw Health Initiative (WHI). The WHI is a voluntary countywide coalition of academic, community, health system, and county government agencies dedicated to improving(More)
1. Forensic challenges are faced by every nurse, and the bulk of these challenges are presented by living patients. 2. Because the nurse frequently is the first health care worker encountering living patients, successful arrest and prosecution of perpetrators of crime and violence may depend on the nurse's recognition of the problem and documentation. 3.(More)
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