Kristy N McLean

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Neurogranin is a neurone-specific, B-50-immunoreactive C-kinase substrate that has limited homology to, but considerable biochemical similarity to B-50/GAP43. The most significant differences between these two proteins are their cellular localisation and molecular mass (Neurogranin, 7.5 kDA cytosolic; and B-50, 25 kDa membranal). An understanding of the(More)
The neuronal phosphoprotein B-50/GAP-43 is associated with growth and regeneration within the nervous system and its posttranslational status can be correlated with its cellular localization during growth and regeneration. Recently, B-50 has been shown to interact with certain G protein subunits. Regulation of G protein-mediated signal transduction may(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore psychosocial issues perceived to impact the mental health and well-being of resident (non-fly-in fly-out) mine workers at a local mine in regional Queensland. DESIGN A descriptive qualitative study using semistructured interviews. SETTING The research was conducted on-site at an open-cut coal mine in regional Queensland. (More)
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