Kristy L Kounovsky-Shafer

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The analysis of very large DNA molecules intrinsically supports long-range, phased sequence information, but requires new approaches for their effective presentation as part of any genome analysis platform. Using a multi-pronged approach that marshaled molecular confinement, ionic environment, and DNA elastic properties-but tressed by molecular(More)
Optical mapping, a single DNA molecule genome analysis platform that can determine methylation profiles, uses fluorescently labeled DNA molecules that are elongated on the surface and digested with a restriction enzyme to produce a barcode of that molecule. Understanding how the cyanine fluorochromes affect enzyme activity can lead to other fluorochromes(More)
Nanocoding, a genome analysis platform, relies on very low ionic strength conditions to elongate DNA molecules up to 1.06 (fully stretched DNA = 1). Understanding how electroosmotic and electrophoretic forces vary, as ionic strength decreases, will enable better Nanocoding devices, or other genome analysis platforms, to be developed. Using gel(More)
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