Kristy Jeanne Long

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Substrate topography in the micrometer range is reviewed as a modifier of the response of cultured cells and of biocompatibility when implanted into tissues. Characterization methods for substrate topography are discussed, including scanning electron microscopy, profilometry, laser scanning, and confocal microscopy. Because of the current technical(More)
Eighteen echocardiographic images useful for diagnostic imaging, M-mode echocardiography, and Doppler echocardiography of the equine heart were standardised by relating the position of the axial beam to various intracardiac landmarks. The transducer orientation required for each image was recorded in 14 adult horses by describing the degree of sector(More)
Romifidine, 100 micrograms/kg administered by intravenous injection, was evaluated as a premedicant to ketamine/halothane anaesthesia in 60 horses. Sedation developed within one to two minutes. In three cases mild staggering occurred within two minutes. Anaesthesia was induced after five minutes by the intravenous administration of ketamine (2 to 2.2(More)