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mpmath: a Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic
The following example computes 50 digits of pi by numerically evaluating the Gaussian integral with mpmath.
Review of inverse Laplace transform algorithms for Laplace-space numerical approaches
Fourier-series based inversion algorithms work for common time behaviors, are the most robust with respect to free parameters, and allow for straightforward image function evaluation re-use across at least a log cycle of time.
Brine flow in heated geologic salt.
This report is a summary of the physical processes, primary governing equations, solution approaches, and historic testing related to brine migration in geologic salt. Although most information
Nonlinear dynamics and instability of aqueous dissolution of silicate glasses and minerals
This work shows that complex silicate material dissolution behaviors can emerge from a simple positive feedback between dissolution-induced cation release and cation-enhanced dissolution kinetics, which enables a systematic prediction of the occurrence of sharp dissolution fronts, leached surface layers, oscillatory dissolution behaviors and multiple stages of glass dissolution.
Basin‐Scale Transmissivity and Storativity Estimation Using Hydraulic Tomography
It is found that HT inversion is an effective strategy for incorporating data from potentially disparate aquifer tests into a basin-wide aquifer property estimate and the robustness of the SSLE algorithm is investigated.
Unconfined Aquifer Flow Theory: From Dupuit to Present
Analytic and semi-analytic solution are often used by researchers and practitioners to estimate aquifer parameters from unconfined aquifer pumping tests. The nonlinearities associated with unconfined
Multiporosity flow in fractured low‐permeability rocks
A multiporosity extension of classical double and triple‐porosity fractured rock flow models for slightly compressible fluids is presented. The multiporosity model is an adaptation of the multirate