Kristopher A. Hunt

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Cellular metabolism is a series of tightly linked oxidations and reductions that must be balanced. Recycling of intracellular electron carriers during fermentation often requires substrate conversion to undesired products, while respiration demands constant addition of electron acceptors. The use of electrode-based electron acceptors to balance(More)
MOTIVATION Elementary flux mode analysis (EFMA) decomposes complex metabolic network models into tractable biochemical pathways, which have been used for rational design and analysis of metabolic and regulatory networks. However, application of EFMA has often been limited to targeted or simplified metabolic network representations due to computational(More)
Although many Archaea have AMP-Acs (acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase) and ADP-Acs, the extant methanogenic genus Methanosarcina is the only identified Archaeal genus that can utilize acetate via acetate kinase (Ack) and phosphotransacetylase (Pta). Despite the importance of ack as the potential urkinase in the ASKHA phosphotransferase superfamily, an origin(More)
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