Kristoffer Glover

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INTRODUCTION Fusarium graminearum Schwab (telomorph: Gibberrella zeae (Schwein.)) is the primary pathogen responsible for causing Fusarium head blight (FHB) or scab on barley, oat, rye, and wheat in the USA. In addition to FHB, the fungus has also been reported to be responsible for crown rot on wheat. The disease limits small grain production by impacting(More)
In this paper, we characterize the equilibrium price of a prediction market in which risk averse traders have heterogeneous beliefs in probabilities. We show that the prediction market is accurate, in the sense that the equilibrium price equals the mean beliefs of traders, if and only if the utility function of traders is logarithmic. We also provide a(More)
We consider a prediction market in which traders have heterogeneous prior beliefs in probabilities. In the two-state case, we derive necessary and sufficient conditions so that the prediction market is accurate in the sense that the equilibrium state price equals the mean probabilities of traders' beliefs. We also provide a necessary and sufficient(More)
Population models can be invaluable tools for extrapolating from limited empirical observations to allow examination of diff erent cultured/wild mixing scenarios and site specifi c observations, ranking diff erent management scenarios, and assessing the risk of extinction and conservation status of a target species. Th e modelling process involves(More)
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