Kristofer K Moffett

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The synthesis and optimization of a series of orally bioavailable 1-(1H-indol-4-yl)-3,5-disubstituted benzene analogues as antimitotic agents are described. A functionalized dibromobenzene intermediate was used as a key scaffold, which when modified by sequential Suzuki coupling and Buchwald-Hartwig amination provided a flexible entry to(More)
Discovery of a new class of DFG-out p38α kinase inhibitors with no hinge interaction is described. A computationally assisted, virtual fragment-based drug design (vFBDD) platform was utilized to identify novel non-aromatic fragments which make productive hydrogen bond interactions with Arg 70 on the αC-helix. Molecules incorporating these fragments were(More)
Two new classes of diphenylether inhibitors of p38alpha MAP kinase are described. Both chemical classes are based on a common diphenylether core that is identified by simulated fragment annealing as one of the most favored chemotypes within a prominent hydrophobic pocket of the p38alpha ATP-binding site. In the fully elaborated molecules, the diphenylether(More)
[reaction: see text]. The regioselective and enantiospecific rhodium-catalyzed allylic amination of secondary allylic carbonates 1 with N-(arylsulfonyl)anilines provides a convenient process for the construction of arylamines 2. This method, in conjunction with ring-closing metathesis and radical cyclization reactions, allows the direct construction of(More)
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