Kristof Taveirne

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OBJECTIVES This paper addresses the design of a platform for the management of medical decision data in the ICU. Whenever new medical data from laboratories or monitors is available or at fixed times, the appropriate medical support services are activated and generate a medical alert or suggestion to the bedside terminal, the physician's PDA, smart phone or(More)
The increasing complexity of procedures in the intensive care unit (ICU) requires complex software services, to reduce improper use of antibiotics and inappropriate therapies, and to offer earlier and more accurate detection of infections and antibiotic resistance. We investigated whether web-based software can facilitate the computerization of complex(More)
Ehomecare services can save money and improve patient care due to increased feelings of well-being at home. However, since not all patients are technical experts and ehomecare services are developed by different vendors, using different languages and data definitions, acceptance of ehomecare might become difficult due to the complexity of managing all the(More)
Powerful computers and affordable digital media appliances result in a rapid growth of possibilities in the field of multimedia applications. There has been a significant increase in creation and use of multimedia content. Nowadays everybody can be treated as a potential creator and user of multimedia content. In order to deliver multimedia services to(More)
We designed a broker platform for e-homecare services using web service technology. The broker allows efficient data communication and guarantees quality requirements such as security, availability and cost-efficiency by dynamic selection of services, minimizing user interactions and simplifying authentication through a single user sign-on. A prototype was(More)
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