Kristof Karacs

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—In spite of the impressive advances related to retinal prostheses, there is no imminent promise to make them soon available with a realistic performance to help navigating blind persons. In our new project, we are designing a Bionic Eyeglass that provides a wearable TeraOps visual computing power to advise visually impaired people in their daily life. In(More)
PURPOSE To optimize methods for positioning subretinal visual implants, customizing their cable length, guiding them to the predetermined retinal position, and evaluating their performance. METHODS Ten eyes of 10 patients (6 male, 4 female, mean age 46.4 years) were investigated before implantation of a subretinal visual implant. The structural(More)
Recognition of banknotes is a prevalent problem for blind and visually impaired people. The bionic eyeglass is a mobile platform that integrates several common visual detection and recognition functions. Relevant shapes are extracted from the image flow of the banknote shown to the mobile camera using adaptive thresholding and morphological shape filters.(More)
Although accessible pedestrian signals are more and more frequent at crosswalks in busy intersections, visually impaired people will not be able to get about independently until the infrastructure reaches full coverage on the routes they are using. In this paper, we present algorithms to detect and recognize pedestrian crosswalks developed in the framework(More)
Finding useful information in real world scenes is very important for many scene understanding tasks. Signs, scripts, information panels, and logos typically stand out from their environment for a human observer, but algorithmically locating them seems to depend on the actual context. We propose a hierarchical method that locates potentially interesting(More)
I would like to dedicate this thesis to my loving parents, Ilona and Mihály Cserey. They have always been there to love, support, and guide me. God has blessed me with two loving parents who worked hard to provide me with everything necessary. I am so very thankful for that blessing and for the example you both were to me over my life. Thank you, mom and(More)
RESEARCH PROJECTS and HIGHLIGHTS The major motivating research themes in the field of cellular wave computing and sensory computing systems, for the new 3-year period starting this year, are as follows: • The extension of sensory computing studies to tactile and auditory systems • Proactive-adaptive CNN sensory computing modes • Immune response inspired(More)