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Stranger at the Door: Writers and the Act of Writing
The Art of Solitude The Diasporic Imagination: Writers' Perspectives The Home and the Artist Transcultural Appropriation: Problems and Perspectives Theory and Fiction: The Mixed Bag of Post-modernExpand
On Writing Short Books
an essay on the fiction of Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Vargas Llosa explains why it is that Borges writes short works. Borges, according to Vargas Llosa, despised the novel in its traditional formExpand
The Imagetext: On the All-inclusive Essay-Fiction Hybrid
In an attempt to discuss where the essay is going, which has dominated textual discourse in the West and is now seen to be in crisis, it is my intention to avoid a kind of ‘‘proleptic nostalgia’’ forExpand
Icelandic- Canadian Literature Problems in Generic Classification
Confronted written in both Icelandic and English, and representing a broad spectrum of genres, from poetry and drama to travel literature and biography, the historian of Icelandic literature notExpand