Kristis Makris

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We propose a new approach for dynamic software updates. This approach allows updating applications that until now could not be updated at runtime at all or could be updated but with a possibly indefinite delay between the time an update is initiated and the time the update is effected (during this period no service is provided). Unlike existing approaches,(More)
Continuously running systems require kernel software updates applied to them without downtime. Facilitating fast reboots, or delaying an update may not be a suitable solution in many environments, especially in pay-per-use high-performance computing clusters and mission critical systems. Such systems will not reap the benefits of new kernel features, and(More)
Software configuration management(SCM) and bug-tracking are key components of a successful software engineering project. Existing systems integrating the two have failed to meet the needs of the ASU scalable computing lab, powered by open-source software. An improved solution to the integration problem, designed to accomodate both free and commercial(More)
High-performance computing clusters running long-lived tasks currently cannot have kernel software updates applied to them without causing system downtime. These clusters miss opportunities for increased performance via specialized kernel support, cannot benefit from new kernel features, and continue to operate with kernel security holes unpatched, at least(More)
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