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An extension of 2D Seam Carving [Avidan and Shamir, 2007] is presented, which allows for automatic resizing the duration of a video without interfering with the velocities of the objects in the scene. We identify a set of pixels across different video frames to be either removed or duplicated in a seamless manner by analyzing 3D space-time sheets in the(More)
A concept of Cellular Neural Networks with dynamic cell activity control is proposed in the paper. The concept is an extension to the Fixed State Map mechanism and it assumes that cells can be disabled or enabled for processing based on assessment of current distributions of their neighboring signals. A particular case, where this assessment is made by(More)
The following paper presents a novel method for texture synthesis, which combines simple patch-based texture mapping with an appropriate stitching procedure, performed by means of Cellular Neural Networks. Texture mapping involves placement of same-size blocks, extracted randomly from some reference texture image, at regularly-spaced locations. Gaps between(More)
When constructing an animation of a character, it is of interest to make this character able to perform different motions. Thus it is of interest to find a way to change from one motion to another, without it being an abrupt change or a change between two positions that have no similarities. This can require a lot of manual work from an animator and(More)
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