Kristine Pitts

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The effects of exposure to an alcohol-related cue (drinking low-alcohol beer) and a musical depression/elation mood induction procedure, on craving, motivation and liking for alcohol, were studied in male and female recreational drinkers. Alcohol craving was assessed using the multidimensional desires for alcohol questionnaire (DAQ), motivation for alcohol(More)
Thrombin is a multifunctional protease. Recent studies on cultured neuronal cells have suggested a function for thrombin in the development and maintenance of the nervous system. Thrombin has been found to induce neurite retraction and reverse stellation in neuroblastoma cell lines and rat astrocytes, respectively. The major focus of our study was to(More)
This paper reports a new mobile software app to support creative thinking by carers for people with dementia. The design of the app was informed by both pre-studies that demonstrated the potential of investigating challenging behaviors in non-care domains to improve person-centered care, and a model of creative problem solving adapted to dementia care. The(More)
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