Kristine M. Williams

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The contents of this report reflect the views of the authors who are responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the information presented herein. The report does not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation. Local governments should seek professional planning and legal assistance in developing a corridor management program. Coordination with(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this handbook is to assist planners and engineers in developing a public involvement strategy for controversial access management issues. The strategies are designed to facilitate open communication with affected parties and to assure adequate public involvement at key steps in the decision process. The emphasis is on median(More)
ii PREFACE Concurrency is a growth management concept intended to ensure that the necessary public facilities and services are available concurrent with the impacts of development. To carry out transportation concurrency, local governments must define what constitutes an adequate level of service (LOS) and measure whether the service needs of a new(More)
The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the State of Florida Department of Transportation. Despite the increasing importance of comprehensive corridor management at the state and local government level, questions remain regarding effective methods for developing and(More)
The public transportation system everywhere is under constant pressure for betterment of the customer service, security, safety and contentment while streamlining the process of commuting. This paper proposes a mathematical model for realization of the aforesaid goals in the public bus transportation system through the use of wireless sensor technology and(More)
Disclaimer The opinions, findings and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the author and not necessarily those of the North Carolina Department of Transportation.
The 2005 growth management legislation charged the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) with reviewing and providing concurrence on a variety of development types regarding their impacts on the state transportation system. Of particular concern are roads designated as part of the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS), the Florida Intrastate Highway(More)
The authors would like to extend special thanks to the Florida Department of Community Affairs and the Technical Team for their helpful comments and contributions toward the development of the guide. Special thanks also to Diane Quigley and the Florida Department of Transportation Level of Service Task Team for providing input on the technical memoranda(More)