Kristine M. Miller

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The organization of neurons and the maintenance of that arrangement are critical to brain function. Failure of these processes in humans can lead to severe birth defects, mental retardation, and epilepsy. Several kinesins have been shown to play important roles in cell migration in vertebrate systems, but few upstream and downstream pathway members have(More)
Joint Commission Resources Mission T he mission of Joint Commission Resources (JCR) is to continuously improve the safety and quality of health care in the United States and in the international community through the provision of education, publications, consultation, and evaluation services. Joint Commission Resources educational programs and publications(More)
About the Book Disease-causing organisms result in nearly two million infections in hospitals each year, and nearly 88,000 individuals die as a direct or indirect result of these infections. Although the majority of health care–associated infections involve clinical factors, a significant number of deaths have been linked to environmental failures, such as(More)
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