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The incidence of breast cancer was determined in 1245 women who were treated surgically for breast hypertrophy in Copenhagen, Denmark, between 1943 and 1971. Breast cancer cases were identified by a linkage to the Danish Cancer Registry. The expected number of breast cancers was estimated from age and calendar-time specific incidence rates in the Danish(More)
In this paper, we consider an analysis of the TeLearn archive, of the Grand Challenges from the STELLAR Network of Excellence, of two Alpine Rendez-Vous 2011 workshops and research conducted in the Productive Multivocality initiative in order to discuss the notions of multidisciplinarity, multivocality and interidisciplinarity. We use this discussion as a(More)
Epistemic dialogues, involving explanation and argumentation, have been recognized as potential vehicles for conceptual understanding. Although the role of dialogue in learning has received much attention, the problem of creating situations in which students engage in epistemic dialogue has only begun to be addressed. This article highlights the set of(More)
The analysis of multimodal computer-mediated human interaction data is difficult: the diverse nature of this data and its sheer quantity is challenging enough, but a further obstacle is introduced by the complex nature of these interactions. In this paper, we describe the kinds of activities performed by researchers wishing to analyze this data. We present(More)
Existing approaches to integrating ITS and CSCL environments have not attempted to model the collaborative interaction between human learners in order to exploit its pedagogical potential. We present an approach to modelling such interactions and students' underlying beliefs, within the framework of a CSCL environment designed for learning the concept of(More)