Kristine Lemke

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Using an extracorporeal artificial beta-cell in chronically diabetic dogs, the effects of four different mathematical models of glucose-controlled insulin dosage were compared: the Biostator algorithm (quadratic equation), Toronto algorithm (hyperbolic tangent function), Karlsburg algorithm (modified first-order derivative controller), and Ilmenau algorithm(More)
There have been suggestions that analgesics be used by fish researchers. But in the absence of dose-response data for morphine, this suggestion seems imprudent. The purpose of the present study was to develop a dose-response relationship in fish using six doses of morphine. The response (movement of the fins or tail) to a noxious stimulus (electrical shock(More)
INTRODUCTION Nonoperative treatment of stage III non-small cell lung cancer has evolved over the past 30 years. The current approach in the Unites States most often includes concurrent chemoradiotherapy. METHODS We have used live, case-based research events to document prescribing plans among American medical oncologists for first-line therapy in patients(More)
BACKGROUND The measuring value of intraocular pressure (IOP) in non-contact-tonometry (NCT) depends on IOP and is additionally highly influenced by the biomechanical parameters of the cornea. These parameters (especially corneal thickness) differ among several patients. It is desirable to characterize this influence and to correct the measuring value during(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Studying the effects of toxic and infective compounds on the respiratory system requires a reliable method for delivering inoculum into the distal region of the lung. Although transoral intratracheal inoculation methods have been well documented for adult rats, to the authors' knowledge, a reliable method has not been validated for(More)
The blood glucose responses of diabetic dogs on the ABC are nearly identical if different algorithms, but equivalent sets of parameters are used to control the glucose-dependent insulin infusion. There are however some differences in the insulin doses applied, which obviously result from different response kinetics of the particular formula to the minor BG(More)
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