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PURPOSE This article describes prelinguistic vocal development in 2 prelingually deaf children who received multichannel cochlear implants at 10 and 28 months of age, respectively. METHODS Vocalizations were recorded in half-hour mother- child interactions before and after implantation and then classified into three levels of development: precanonical,(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare surgical experience and measures of electrode and patient performance of children who were implanted with the Clarion (Advanced Bionics, Sylmar, CA, U.S.A.) device with and without the new electrode positioner (EP). STUDY DESIGN Prospectively and retrospectively collected data were compared between two independent groups. SETTING(More)
This study compares the auditory perceptual skill development of 23 congenitally deaf children who received the Nucleus 22-channel cochlear implant with the SPEAK speech coding strategy, and 20 children who received the CLARION Multi-Strategy Cochlear Implant with the Continuous Interleaved Sampler (CIS) speech coding strategy. All were under 5 years old at(More)
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