Kristina Schweizer

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A new artificial nucleoside 2 comprising 4-(2′-pyridyl)imidazole as the nucleobase was devised and incorporated into a series of DNA oligonucleotide duplexes. The propensity of 2 to form metal-mediated homo and hetero base pairs was investigated in various 13mer and 26mer duplexes. The artificial nucleoside readily forms Ag(I)-mediated homo base pairs of(More)
The imidazole-Ag(I)-imidazole base pair is one of the best-investigated artificial metal-mediated base pairs. We show here that its stability can be further improved by formally replacing the imidazole moiety by a 2-methylimidazole or 4-methylimidazole moiety. A comparison of the thermal stability of several double helices shows that the addition of one(More)
Isothermal titration calorimetry was applied to determine the thermodynamic parameters for the specific binding of Ag(I) ions to a series of DNA duplexes comprising Im:Im or Tr:Tr mispairs to form metal-mediated Im-Ag(I)-Im or Tr-Ag(I)-Tr base pairs (Im=imidazole nucleoside; Tr=1.2,4-triazole nucleoside). A total of seven different duplexes are discussed,(More)
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