Kristina Schweizer

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In two experiments, the contributions of memory and attention processes to the cognitive abilities of reasoning and perceptual speed were investigated. Two measures of speed of information retrieval from long-term and short-term memory (Posner paradigm, Sternberg paradigm) and two attention measures (continuous attention test, attention switching test) were(More)
The imidazole-Ag(I)-imidazole base pair is one of the best-investigated artificial metal-mediated base pairs. We show here that its stability can be further improved by formally replacing the imidazole moiety by a 2-methylimidazole or 4-methylimidazole moiety. A comparison of the thermal stability of several double helices shows that the addition of one(More)
A new artificial nucleoside 2 comprising 4-(2′-pyridyl)imidazole as the nucleobase was devised and incorporated into a series of DNA oligonucleotide duplexes. The propensity of 2 to form metal-mediated homo and hetero base pairs was investigated in various 13mer and 26mer duplexes. The artificial nucleoside readily forms Ag(I)-mediated homo base pairs of(More)
In this paper we study the concept of sexual orientation and its components by comparing the common orientations of hetero-, homo-, and bisexuality with alternative concepts suitable for describing persons with psychosexual and somatosexual divergencies (e.g., transgender or intersex developments). An assessment of these divergencies as well as their(More)
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