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We examined gender differences and differences in Computer Science (CS) majors vs. non-majors in ability in quantitative areas, educational goals and interests, experience with computers, stereotypes and knowledge about CS, confidence, personality, support and encouragement, stress and financial issues, gender discrimination, and attitudes toward the(More)
This study was designed to examine the sequential relationship between mother-infant synchrony and infant affect using multilevel modeling during the Still Face paradigm. We also examined self-regulatory behaviors that infants use during the Still-Face paradigm to modulate their affect, particularly during stressors where their mothers are not available to(More)
Isomorphism, or parallel process, occurs in family therapy when patterns of therapist-client interaction replicate problematic interaction patterns within the family. This study investigated parallel demand-withdraw processes in brief strategic family therapy (BSFT) for adolescent drug abuse, hypothesizing that therapist-demand/adolescent-withdraw(More)
Sponsorship is a basic and important part of the 12-step approach to recovery from substance abuse (Alcoholics Anonymous, 2005) and research has shown that having a sponsor is associated with increased involvement in 12-step programs and improved outcomes (Bond, Kaskutas, & Weisner, 2003; Tonigan & Rice, 2010). However, little is known about how sponsorship(More)
Consistent with the "social structure" hypothesis, demand and withdraw roles of partners in 88 heterosexual couples reversed symmetrically according to whether the problem they discussed was more salient to the woman or the man. Reversal was robust across age, marital status, and relationship duration, but appeared more pronounced in couples reporting high(More)
Research has shown that increases in the size of abstinence-based social networks helps explain the association between 12-step attendance and increased abstinence. This study investigated whether the quality of social interaction in 12-step groups also predicts reduced substance use. Participants reported their perceptions of engagedness, avoidance, and(More)
T he United States faces a shortage of computer scientists. Despite the current economic downturn, the most recent estimate indicates a labor force shortage of 835 000 IT professionals [22]. The shortage of IT professionals , and especially of computer scientists, provides impetus for increasing the representation of women in computer science (CS). In 2000,(More)
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