Kristina Rothley

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We propose a technique to recognize actions of grasshoppers based on spectral clustering. We track the object in 3D and construct features using 3D object movement in segments of video which discriminate between different classes of actions. We sample from these feature vectors and compute the eigenvalues and eigen-vectors of affinity or similarity matrix.(More)
In this paper we describe the development of the BearCam, a camera system which was deployed in Fall 2005 to monitor the behaviour of grizzly bears at a remote location near the arctic circle. The system aided biologists in collecting the data for their study on bears' behavioural responses to ecotourists. We developed a camera system for operating in the(More)
In the identification of reserve networks in fragmented landscapes with limited species-specific data at hand, one approach is to use selection criteria, such as patch size, to rank the habitat patches' conservation value and evaluate reserve-network alternatives. These criteria are assumed to be reasonable surrogates for the true network objectives.(More)
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