Kristina Macrae

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Although differences in self-conception across cultures have been well researched, regional differences within a culture have escaped attention. The present study examined individual, relational, and collective selves, which capture people's conceptions of themselves in relation to their goals, significant others, and in groups, comparing Australians and(More)
OBJECTIVES Financial stress has been identified as a barrier to antiretroviral adherence, but only in resource- limited settings. Almost half of HIV-infected Australian adults earn no regular income and, despite highly subsidised antiretroviral therapy and universal health care, 3% of HIV-infected Australians cease antiretroviral therapy each year. We(More)
A summary of the symptoms, prevalence and history of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is presented. The legal implications of PMS, particularly its use as a defence in criminal prosecutions and as an implicit factor in specific offences, are discussed by means of an analysis of Canadian legal cases, with reference to those in England and the United States. The(More)
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