Kristina M. Hamilton

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The psychometric properties of four ataxia tests and their sensitivities to disorientation were examined to assess their potential for measuring balance disturbances frequently reported with simulator sickness. The study was conducted in two parts. In the first, subjects practiced for 10 sessions to examine learning effects and to stabilize performance. In(More)
Marine reserves (or No-Take Zones) are implemented to protect species and habitats, with the aim of restoring a balanced ecosystem. Although the benefits of marine reserves are commonly monitored, there is a lack of insight into the potential detriments of such highly protected waters. High population densities attained within reserves may induce negative(More)
A Sternberg-type varied set procedure was used in which the set of stimuli associated with the "different" response was, in some cases, large and unspecified. A 3-factor design was used with repeated measures on list length (1, 2, or 4 faces), decision ("same" or "different"), and number of critical features varied between memory and target faces (0, 2, 4,(More)
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