Kristina Little

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We have determined the toxicity to cells of Escherichia coli B of cupric copper applied under aerobic and anaerobic conditions in two ways. The growth of cells in liquid medium incorporating cupric copper shows differential inhibition, comparing aerobic and anaerobic conditions--toxicity being greater under anoxia. The growth of colonies upon agar plates(More)
In a reaction-diffusion system, diffusion can induce the instability of a uniform equilibrium which is stable with respect to a constant perturbation, as shown by Turing in 1950s. We show that cross-diffusion can destabilize a uniform equilibrium which is stable for the kinetic and self-diffusion reaction systems; on the other hand, cross-diffusion can also(More)
Advanced laboratories have requirements for high-purity chemicals with less than 500 ppm total impurities (ultrapure chemicals) and with broad analytical definition of each lot. Some economically feasible approaches to the practical analysis of such chemicals, both inorganic and organic, are delineated. Compounds used in the study of lunar samples and in(More)
A reasonably simple gravimetric silver chloride procedure with fairly wide tolerance in conditions is presented in full detail with all critical steps and precautions delineated. The procedure allows the precision determination of chloride by analysts having limited expertise with exacting gravimetric methods, and can be performed with equipment common to(More)
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