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BACKGROUND The practice of rapid sequence induction (RSI) differs widely within and between countries. We undertook this web-based survey to assess the variability in the practice of RSI amongst German anesthetists. We hypothesized that considerable variability exists. METHODS In 2009, we electronically asked all anesthetists listed in the corporate(More)
The incidence of sternal wound infections (SWI) after coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) as reported worldwide is low. However, it is associated with significant increase of postoperative mortality and treatment costs. The major risk factors discussed are diabetes mellitus and bilateral IMA harvesting of the internal mammary artery. This study analyses(More)
The sugar plantation complex in West India was based on forced labour, mostly slaves from Africa. The problem was that this population had to be sustained by a constant stream of new slaves just to maintain their numbers. This demographic imbalance has during generations puzzled scholars and doctors. Modern research, however, shows that the fertility rates(More)
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