Kristina Kaminskaya

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Chemokines are pro-inflammatory cytokines that function to attract immune cells to the sites of tissue inflammation, injury or infection. We have formulated the hypothesis that release of one chemokine can serve, in a local paracrine or endocrine fashion, to induce the release of other chemokines from neighboring mammary cells. We set out to investigate(More)
BACKGROUND Unidirectional, barbed suture allows knotless wound closure with potential value for the progression of advanced suturing techniques. This study compared an absorbable barbed suture device to a monofilament suture in a single-layer enterotomy closure model. METHODS A series of 10 enterotomies were created in the stomach, jejunum, and colon(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the performance of an absorbable barbed suture device to absorbable monofilament suture after single layer, appositional gastrotomy and enterotomy closure. STUDY DESIGN Experimental comparative study. ANIMALS Purpose-bred adult mongrel hounds (n = 14). METHODS Bursting strengths up to 250 mmHg of incisional closure with either(More)
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