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U.S. studies have reported an increased risk of esophageal and some other cancers in dry cleaners exposed to tetrachloroethylene. We investigated whether the U.S. findings could be reproduced in the Nordic countries using a series of case-control studies nested in cohorts of laundry and dry-cleaning workers identified from the 1970 censuses in Denmark,(More)
1. Swimming performance and oxygen consumption of normoxic (control) and hypoxia-acclimated (P02 — 40mmHg) rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri Richardson, were monitored at >145, 60 and 40mmHg. 2. Maximum swimming velocity at 40mmHg was reduced from >54-8cms"' to 41-4cms" in controls and to 40-6cms" in hypoxiaacclimated fish. 3. Normoxic oxygen consumption of(More)
AIMS To show the power of history science methods for exposure assessment in occupational health studies, using the dry cleaning industry in Denmark around 1970 as the example. METHODS Exposure data and other information on exposure status were searched for in unconventional data sources such as the Danish National Archives, the Danish Royal Library,(More)
Involvement of the splenic venous outflow tract by pancreatic disease can cause localized splenic venous hypertension and esophageal varices. Resolution of this problem resides in splenectomy and distal pancreatectomy or perhaps splenectomy alone. Although this phenomenon most commonly arises from thrombosis of the splenic vein by adjacent pancreatitis, we(More)
Whether to perform emergency carotid thromboendarterectomy (CTEA) in the presence of crescendo transient ischemic attacks or stroke-in-evolution is controversial, with the operative mortality in some reports exceeding 20% and improvement in neurologic deficit of less than 40% in others. Our anecdotal experience with emergency CTEA for acute, persistent, or(More)
Seven middle-aged men with manifest type II diabetes mellitus underwent an endurance training programme for 10-15 weeks. The maximal aerobic capacity, as well as the endurance capacity, was improved by 10% (p less than 0.05). The intramuscular glycogen store increased by more than 80% (p less than 0.05) from 350 mumol/g dw (dry weight), and the activities(More)
OBJECTIVE Based on the prevailing view that it has become a more common behavior, sickness absence is -presently a topic of considerable concern in many European countries. Using sickness absence data from Denmark, we aimed to show whether this assumption holds true or not. METHODS We used a linear regression analysis to analyze time trends in sickness(More)
OBJECTIVES To outline the principles underlying changes overtime in entitlement to sickness absence benefit in Denmark. METHODS The Danish sickness benefit scheme during the past 30 years has been studied based on a comprehensive review of the Sickness Benefit Act from 1973, and all later amendments to the act. RESULTS Entitlement to sickness benefit in(More)
For 44 patients with vibration-induced white finger and a reference group of 25 healthy men, finger systolic blood pressure (FSBP) before and after local cooling, skin temperature, and rewarming rates were determined before and after vasodilation (body warming and alcohol). An estimation of the proportions of vasopasm and organic changes was possible, and(More)