Kristina Huebner

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The influence of working or swimming in indoor swimming pools on the concentrations of four trihalomethanes (haloforms) in blood and urine was investigated. Different groups (bath attendants, agonistic swimmers, normal swimmers, sampling person) were compared. The proportions of trihalomethanes in blood and urine correlated roughly with those in water and(More)
Recent investigations have reported contradictory results on the influence of low-power laser light on wound healing. Low-power laser with a power output of 250 mW and an emitted laser light of 670 nm have been insufficiently investigated to date. The effect of a 250-mW/670-nm laser light on the healing of burning wounds in rats was investigated. Thirty(More)
Skin cleansing preparations consisting of identical synthetic detergents but differing in pH-value (pH 5.5 and 7.0) were applied twice daily on the forehead and forearm of healthy volunteers in a randomized crossover trial. The skin surface pH was found to be significantly higher when the neutral preparation had been used, as was the propionibacterial count(More)
BACKGROUND Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) can temporarily interrupt or facilitate activity in a focal brain region. Several lines of evidence suggest that rTMS of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) can affect processes involved in drug addiction. We hypothesized that a single session of low-frequency rTMS of the left DLPFC would(More)
For the first time in Germany DNCG was tested in a pilot study for local treatment in ten patients (nine with chronic venous insufficiency, one with an arterio-venous insufficiency) with leg ulcers. Complete healing was achieved in three patients. One of these patients was the above mentioned with the combined arterio-venous insufficiency. Another four(More)
The production of neutrinos from the decay of muons circulating in a storage ring (neutrino factory) has of late attracted considerable attention. The original interest started with the study of muon colliders [1,2]. These colliders could open the way to lepton collisions at extremely high energies. Circular electron colliders are limited in energy due to(More)
The basic components and the layout of the LEP rf system for the year 2000 are presented. The superconducting system consisted of 288 four-cell cavities operating at 352 MHz powered by 36 klystrons providing on average of 0.6 MW of rf power. This system was complemented by 56 cavities of the original copper rf system. A total accelerating voltage of 3630 MV(More)
The results of measurements of photoreflexometry (PRM) in 1852 patients in phlebological consultations were broken down statistically. These were patients who had come to consultation of their own free will or who had been sent by their G.P. for an ambulatory phlebological examination. The authors assess the interpretative possibilities of PRM in treatment.(More)
The Eighth Annual Session of the Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists, October 11, 1979, Williamsburgh, Virginia Air-contrast Esophagography in Esophagitis What does it Add? RE Koehler, PJ Weyman and HF Oakley (Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, St. Louis, MO, USA) The air-contrast esophagogram has received much attention in the recent radiologic(More)