Kristina Heide

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The BamA protein of Escherichia coli plays a central role in the assembly of β-barrel outer membrane proteins (OMPs). The C-terminal domain of BamA folds into an integral outer membrane β-barrel, and the N terminus forms a periplasmic polypeptide transport-associated (POTRA) domain for OMP reception and assembly. We show here that BamA misfolding, caused by(More)
The COBAS Core HEp2 ANA enzyme immune assay (EIA) was evaluated in a precision and a clinical sample study in comparison to indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) on HEp2-cells. In the precision study the COBAS Core EIA yielded intraassay coefficient variations (CVs) mostly below 9%, and interassay CVs between 4.7% and 10.4%. When comparing the COBAS Core(More)
Different kinds of erythrocytes (human, pigeon, chicken and sheep) and complement (guinea pig, rabbit and rat) were tested in rubella single radial hemolysis-test (SRHT, hemolysis-in-gel = HIG-test) in order to detect IgG and IgM antibodies. Experiments showed that sera which were used as complement, contained antibodies against different kinds of(More)
Serological and molecular (DNA-STR) analysis of a paternity case demonstrated exclusion of paternity of the presumptive father in two markers (ACP and Apo B, both localized on chromosome 2, region 2p25.2 and 2p23/24, respectively) in a phenotypically normal girl with a normal karyotype 46,XX (by GT-banding). The index of paternity calculated for other(More)