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We present a field study of an organisation which designs and constructs precision mechatronic devices, which typically integrate electronics, mechanical assemblies, computer hardware and software We study how organisation members seek out answers to questions and solutions to problems as they arise in their work We examine how project documentation is(More)
Multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTMs) are essential in health-care, where medical specialists discuss diagnosis and treatment of patients. We introduce a prototype multi-display groupware system, intended to augment the discussions of medical imagery, through a range of input mechanisms, multiuser interfaces and interaction techniques on multi-touch(More)
We have studied the use of video-mediated technology to facilitate multidisciplinary meetings where consensus is reached about the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The meetings involved 2-5 sites, with 1-20 participants from each site, and concerned patients with severe diseases in the upper abdomen. During a period of about one year we conducted(More)
Using social networks to support knowledge management and collaboration in an organisation is an interesting approach. In our work of systems design we focus on awareness systems using mobile technologies, sensors and notification systems. Being aware of others' activities and availability also make people more aware of the social networks in the(More)
We present the initial stages of a project in which we focus on participatory design methods to build information and communication technology support that stimulate knowledge sharing in a group of geographically distributed teachers. Teachers in general spend most of their time in a classroom leaving few opportunities for social encounters and chats with(More)