Kristina Fister

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The aim of this study was to examine the association of obesity and selected health behaviors, based on the data from Croatian Adult Health Survey 2003. Cross-sectional study on representative random sample of 9070 Croatian adults showed that in both men and women, mean BMI varied significantly with age (p < 0.001). It tended to increased with age until(More)
Generalised obesity is increasing in prevalence globally, however trends in abdominal obesity are less well known. In 2003, 1,999 women of childbearing age participated in the Croatian Adult Health Survey, of whom 598 (29.9%) participated in the second cycle in 2008. For 2008, the prevalence of abdominal obesity using the International Diabetes Federation(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate regional gradient of a synthetic cardiovascular burden (CVRB) in Croatia. Analysis was based on a multistage stratified sample representative of general adult population in six regions of Croatia (Croatian Adult Health Survey). Synthetic CVRB was defined by incidents (heart attack, stroke), blood pressure,(More)
Despite numerous changes introduced by the new technologies, the role and the meaning of public health within health has remained stable and important. Public health is also expanding from the strictly population-focus to genetics and nano-technology. This means that the fundaments of public health need to be supplemented by the additional expertise in(More)
Efforts aimed at primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the major killer of contemporary adult populations, largely rely on modification of risk behaviours related to smoking, physical activity, dietary intake, and alcohol consumption, and also control of obesity and hypertension, the interim risk states between health and disease. We(More)
We have identified in the literature variants in 64 genes that may be involved in gene-obesity-behaviour interactions. Personalisation of behaviourally based preventive approaches against obesity seems feasible, however obesity genomics is still in the discovery phase of translational research and abundant replication studies are needed before these largely(More)
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