Kristina Dencheva

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Identifying and quantifying the factors that contribute to the potential misclassification of the ecological status of water bodies is a major challenge of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The present study compiles extensive biomonitoring data from a range of macrophyte-based classification methods developed by several European countries. The data(More)
Seagrasses are key components of coastal marine ecosystems and many monitoring programmes worldwide assess seagrass health and apply seagrasses as indicators of environmental status. This study aims at identifying the diversity and characteristics of seagrass indicators in use within and across European ecoregions in order to provide an overview of seagrass(More)
Benthic macrophyte communities of different substratum types (soft, hard) were studied in eleven differently impacted sites belonging in two different water typologies (transitional waters: Lesina Lagoon, Varna Lake; coastal waters: Varna Bay) and two ecoregions (Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea). Species lists were compiled for each study site, 20 taxa were(More)
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