Kristina Crumpton Franey

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Sex offender research is still in its infancy, but our knowledge about adult sex offenders has increased in the last several decades. However, public interest in the issues of assessment, treatment, and recidivism with respect to risk and safety has increased substantially during this time. This article provides an introduction to the significant issues(More)
This introductory article provides an overview of the significant issues involved when dealing with youth who sexually offend, sometimes referred to as juvenile sex offenders or sexually reactive children or adolescents. There is not an accepted term or definition that is widely used to describe or refer to this population, and the precise prevalence or(More)
Little is known about the characteristics of adolescent sex offenders who do not reoffend. Most studies emphasize reoffense rates, recidivism and those who reoffend. Moreover, these studies provide quantitative summaries without describing the individual, his behavior, and challenges after treatment. The present study seeks to provide novel information(More)
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