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Mass mortality events (MMEs) are rapidly occurring catastrophic demographic events that punctuate background mortality levels. Individual MMEs are staggering in their observed magnitude: removing more than 90% of a population, resulting in the death of more than a billion individuals, or producing 700 million tons of dead biomass in a single event. Despite(More)
Species inhabiting intermittent streams must survive flow cessation and drying in situ (resistance) or recolonize temporary habitats when flow returns (resilience). Some studies have found that species are resistant to seasonal drying and can persist in small remnant pools after flow ceases, while others observed rapid declines in species richness when flow(More)
Urbanization is one of the leading threats to freshwater biodiversity, and urban regions continue to expand globally. Here we examined the relationship between recent urbanization and shifts in stream fish communities. We sampled fishes at 32 sites in the Alameda Creek Watershed, near San Francisco, California, in 1993-1994 and again in 2009, and we(More)
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