Kristin Williams

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Paralemmin-1 is a phosphoprotein lipid-anchored to the cytoplasmic face of membranes where it functions in membrane dynamics, maintenance of cell shape, and process formation. Expression of paralemmin-1 and its major splice variant (Δ exon 8) as well as the extent of posttranslational modifications are tissue- and development-specific. Paralemmin-1(More)
Symbol-based dictionaries of text, images and sound can help individuals with aphasia find the words they need, but are often seen as a last resort because they tend to replace rather than augment the user's natural speech. Through two design investigations, we explore head-worn displays as a means of providing unobtrusive, always-available, and glanceable(More)
At least 10% of the global population has dyslexia. In the United States and Spain, dyslexia is associated with a large percentage of school drop out. Current methods to detect risk of dyslexia are language specific, expensive, or do not scale well because they require a professional or extensive equipment. A central challenge to detecting dyslexia is(More)
As diversity within societies has grown over the past century, so too has intercommunal conflict over power, identity, and scarce resources. Combatants in recent civil wars have committed many of the gravest human rights abuses: systematic rape, massacre, ethnic cleansing, and genocide, among others. These abuses and the inter-group tensions accompanying(More)
Touchscreen smartphones are becoming broadly adopted by the US population. Ensuring that these devices are accessible for people with disabilities is critical for equal access. For people with motor impairments, the vast majority of studies on touchscreen mobile accessibility have taken place in the laboratory. These studies show that while touchscreen(More)
Most women with primary breast cancers that express estrogen receptor alpha (ER or ESR1) are treated with endocrine therapies including the anti-estrogen tamoxifen, but resistance to these anti-endocrine therapies often develops. This study characterizes the expression of hormone receptors, and the mRNA and DNA methylation levels of docking protein 7(More)
Current symbol-based dictionaries providing vocabulary support for persons with the language disorder, aphasia, are housed on smartphones or other portable devices. To employ the support on these external devices requires the user to divert their attention away from their conversation partner, to the neglect of conversation dynamics like eye contact or(More)
Here we respond to questions relating to area: B. Adequacy of observations, and of data systems, for monitoring the biodiversity attributes addressed in the Aichi Biodiversity Targets Question 1. How adequate are the observations and data systems in your country for reporting on the issues addressed in each of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets? As an(More)