Kristin Töpolt

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Inflammatory cytokines (IC) activate endothelial cell adhesiveness for monocytes and inhibit endothelial cell growth. Here we report the identification of the human guanylate binding protein-1 (GBP-1) as the key and specific mediator of the anti-proliferative effect of IC on endothelial cells. GBP-1 expression was induced by IC, downregulated by angiogenic(More)
The large GTPase GBP-1 (guanylate-binding protein-1) is a major IFN-gamma (interferon-gamma)-induced protein with potent anti-angiogenic activity in endothelial cells. An ISRE (IFN-alpha-stimulated response element) is necessary and sufficient for the induction of GBP-1 expression by IFN-gamma. Recently, we have shown that in vivo GBP-1 expression is(More)
Expression of the large GTPase guanylate binding protein-1 (GBP-1) is induced by inflammatory cytokines (ICs) in endothelial cells (ECs), and the helical domain of the molecule mediates the repression of EC proliferation by ICs. Here we show that the expression of GBP-1 and of the matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) are inversely related in vitro and in(More)
During angiogenesis and inflammatory processes, endothelial cells acquire different activation phenotypes, whose identification may help in understanding the complex network of angiogenic and inflammatory interactions in vivo. To this goal we investigated the expression of the human guanylate-binding protein (GBP)-1 that is highly induced by inflammatory(More)
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