Kristin Rudolph

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Due to climate change, many lakes in Europe will be subject to higher variability of hydrological characteristics in their littoral zones. These different hydrological regimes might affect the use of allochthonous and autochthonous carbon sources. We used sandy sediment microcosms to examine the effects of different hydrological regimes (wet, desiccating,(More)
Progesterone 5β-reductases (P5ßRs) catalyse one step in the stereospecific biosynthesis of cardenolides (potent repellents of herbivores and pharmaceutical stimulants of disordered heart muscle cells). They were originally discovered in the genus Digitalis and have since been frequently isolated from other angiosperms. Recombinant P5ßRs engineered in(More)
The Radioactive Beam Experiment (REX-ISOLDE) [1,2] is a pilot experiment at ISOLDE (CERN) testing the new concept of post acceleration of radioactive ion beams by using charge breeding of the ions in a high charge state ion source and the efficient acceleration of the highly charged ions in a short LINAC using modern ion accelerator structures. In order to(More)
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