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We examined the nature and the selectivity of the motion deficits produced by lesions of extrastriate areas MT and MST. Lesions were made by injecting ibotenic acid into the representation of the left visual field in two macaque monkeys. The monkeys discriminated two stimuli that differed either in stimulus direction or orientation. Direction and(More)
The visual cortex of macaque monkeys has been divided into two functional streams that have been characterized in terms of sensory processing (color/form vs motion) and in terms of behavioral goals (object recognition vs spatial orientation). As a step toward unifying these two views of cortical processing, we compared the behavioral modulation of sensory(More)
We examined the effects of bilateral ibotenic acid lesions of cat lateral suprasylvian (LS) cortex on motion perception. Cats were tested on tasks requiring integration of local directional signals, precise judgements of direction and extraction of structure-from-motion. All animals showed permanent deficits in integrating local motion signals. These(More)
Dynamic random-dot targets were used to study neural mechanisms underlying motion perception. Performance of cats with severely reduced numbers of cortical directionally selective neurons (reduced DS) was compared to that of normal animals. We assessed the spatial properties of the residual motion mechanism by measuring direction discriminations at various(More)
Due to climate change, many lakes in Europe will be subject to higher variability of hydrological characteristics in their littoral zones. These different hydrological regimes might affect the use of allochthonous and autochthonous carbon sources. We used sandy sediment microcosms to examine the effects of different hydrological regimes (wet, desiccating,(More)
Progesterone 5β-reductases (P5ßRs) catalyse one step in the stereospecific biosynthesis of cardenolides (potent repellents of herbivores and pharmaceutical stimulants of disordered heart muscle cells). They were originally discovered in the genus Digitalis and have since been frequently isolated from other angiosperms. Recombinant P5ßRs engineered in(More)
An earlier study from our laboratory provided initial support for the hypothesis that information facilitating visual guidance persists in the absence of retinal stimulation. The present study supports and extends this hypothesis with three experiments in which visually occluded subjects positioned a point of light at the location of a previously viewed(More)
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