Kristin Ramsay

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Growth modeling was used to examine the developmental trajectory of infant temperamental fear with maternal fear and depressive symptoms as predictors of infant fearfulness and change in infant fear predicting toddler anxiety symptoms. In Study 1, a sample of 158 mothers reported their own depressive symptoms and fear when their children were 4 months of(More)
In the current study, latent growth modeling (LGM) was used to: (1) identify the developmental trajectories of infant negative emotions (NE) and regulatory capacity (RC) from 4 to 12 months of age, (2) examine maternal and family factors that may affect NE and RC trajectories, (3) examine transactional associations between developing NE and RC, and (4)(More)
Two locations on a commercial ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills were used to determine the effects of maternal nutrition on male progeny. Crossbred, spring-calving, multiparous cows were managed in a year-round grazing system. Cows at one location (yr 1 = 754; yr 2 = 700) received the equivalent of 0.95 kg/d (DM; 31.6% CP; HN) of supplement , and cows at the(More)
Experiments evaluated estrus synchronization and periconceptual supple-mentation on pregnancy rate and calf production. Approximately one-half of heifers in 2 pastures (yr 1) or 4 pastures (yr 2) were injected with prostaglandin F 2α (PGF; n = 1,182) or not (NPGF; n = 1,208) 5 d after fertile bulls were introduced for 25 d. In yr 2, a total of 1,230 heifers(More)
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