Kristin R. Eschenfelder

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This paper describes an exploratory, multi-site case study of the production of textual content for state agency Web sites. The qualitative field study explored internal agency Web staff characterizations of textual Web content, and staff perceptions of factors affecting the production of content. Study results suggest that staff characterize content in(More)
This paper describes the initial results of a qualitative field study of the work required to review and approve the content on government agency web sites. The study analyzes content management work in terms of Strauss’s conceptualization of articulation. The analysis describes examples of high and low level articulation in content review and approval(More)
This paper reports on a case study of the IT skills and needs at one site. The data is organized by assessing the members of BigCo's Corporate IT group regarding their present IT skill levels and the perception of skill needs both now and three years in the future. This work relies on a categorization drawn from both academic and professional literature(More)
Distributed computing environments place more computer power in the hands of the end-user, and often demand increased technical support. In response, organizations may choose to move technical support personnel close to end-users. This can isolate them from each other, and may limit their ability to share knowledge. Thus, the growth of distributed computing(More)
Introduction. We investigate the conditions under which posting software known as "DeCSS" on the Internet is ethical. DeCSS circumvents the access and copy control protection measures on commercial DVDs. Through our investigation, we point to limitations in current frameworks used to assess ethical computer based civil disobedience. Method. The paper draws(More)