Kristin N. Smith

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In vitro follicle growth is a potential approach to preserve fertility for young women who are facing a risk of premature ovarian failure (POF) caused by radiation or chemotherapy. Our two-step follicle culture strategy recapitulated the dynamic human follicle growth environment in vitro. Follicles developed from the preantral to antral stage, and, for the(More)
Young cancer patients are increasingly interested in preserving their fertility prior to undergoing gonadotoxic therapies. Although the medical safety and treatment protocols for fertility preservation have been well documented, limited research has addressed the emotional issues that arise in fertility preservation patients. We briefly review the(More)
CONTEXT Cancer survival has improved significantly and maintaining fertility is both a major concern and an important factor for the quality of life in cancer patients. AIMS To explore differences in oocyte stimulation for fertility preservation (FP) patients based on cancer diagnosis. SETTINGS AND DEIGN Between 2005 and 2011, 109 patients elected to(More)
Oncofertility is a term coined just a few years ago to address the urgent, unmet needs of young cancer patients who were offered life-preserving but fertility-threatening treatments. The issue for many oncolo-gists was not that they did not want to provide options to their patients; rather, the option list and the physician groups on the fertility side were(More)
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