Kristin M Winchell

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Urbanization is an increasingly important dimension of global change, and urban areas likely impose significant natural selection on the species that reside within them. Although many species of plants and animals can survive in urban areas, so far relatively little research has investigated whether such populations have adapted (in an evolutionary sense)(More)
  • K Winchell
  • 1992
The nursing strike often ends almost as suddenly as it began, and the mother and baby resume nursing with the same pattern as previously, but with a new understanding of their relationship and appreciation of each other's feelings. The best aspect of this technique of "loving" the strike away is that everyone feels good about the situation at its resolution.
—Urbanization creates drastic changes in habitat and presents considerable challenges and new sources of predation to urban-dwelling herpetofauna. Research on lizards has documented increased rates of mortality in urban areas due to generalist predators such as raccoons, feral cats, and domestic animals. Caudal autotomy (self-amputation of the tail) is a(More)
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