Kristin M O'Sullivan

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The relationship between bulk tank somatic cell count (SCC) and farm management and infrastructure was examined using data from 398 randomly selected, yet representative, Irish dairy farms where the basal diet is grazed grass. Median bulk tank SCC for the farms was 282,887 cells/ml ranging from 82,209 to 773,028 cells/ml. Two questionnaires were(More)
T-cell receptor (TCR) diversity of virus-specific CD8+ T cells likely helps prevent escape mutations in chronic viral infections. To understand the dynamics of the virus-specific T cells in more detail, we followed the evolution of the TCR repertoire specific for a dominant HLA-B*08-restricted epitope in Nef (FLKEKGGL) in a cohort of subjects infected with(More)
In 2006, a severe foodborne EHEC outbreak occured in Norway. Seventeen cases were recorded and the HUS frequency was 60%. The causative strain, Esherichia coli O103:H25, is considered to be particularly virulent. Sequencing of the outbreak strain revealed resemblance to the 2011 German outbreak strain E. coli O104:H4, both in genome and Shiga toxin(More)
Thirty-one isolates of Aeromonas spp. from food and water in Norway were classified and tested for possible virulence factors including cytotoxins (tissue cultures, PCR), enterotoxins (PCR) and invasion ability (Caco-2 cells). Five different species were recorded, A. caviae (9/31), A. hydrophila (15/31), A. schubertii (3/31), A. trota (3/31) and A. veronii(More)
Out of 321 strains of Bacillus cereus from several sources and isolated in four different countries, 239 (74%) produced cytotoxins. Only 127 (53%) of the cytotoxic strains were positive for the B-component gene of the haemolysin BL (enterotoxin) by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Western blots using antiserum produced against enterotoxin(s) gave positive(More)
Research has shown that total bacterial count (TBC), which is the bacterial growth per ml of milk over a fixed period of time, can be decreased by good hygiene and farm management practices. The objective of the current study was to quantify the associations between herd management factors and bulk tank TBC in Irish spring calving, grass-based dairy herds.(More)
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