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The effect of attention on the phenomenal appearance of objects was investigated in the domains of color (hue), location, line orientation, and spatial frequency. Observers indicated the appearance of a briefly presented above-threshold stimulus by selecting a matching stimulus along a sensory continuum (e.g., color). Attention was manipulated with a dual(More)
The authors have applied mathematical morphology for fractal analysis on bone X-ray images. The digitized gray level image is treated as a three-dimensional surface whose fractal dimension is calculated by performing a series of dilations on this surface and plotting the area of the resulting set of surfaces against the size of the structuring element. This(More)
UNLABELLED Vowel durations following the production of voiced and voiceless stop consonants produced during simultaneous communication (SC) were investigated by recording sign language users during SC and speech alone (SA). Under natural speaking conditions, or speaking alone (SA), vowels following voiced stop consonants are longer in duration than vowels(More)
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