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Autonomic responses were measured while 45 adult women performed a standard experimental stress task in the laboratory with only the experimenter present and 2 weeks later at home in the presence of a female friend, pet dog, or neither. Results demonstrated that autonomic reactivity was moderated by the presence of a companion, the nature of whom was(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the value of service dogs for people with ambulatory disabilities. DESIGN Randomized, controlled clinical trial. SETTING Environments of study participants. PARTICIPANTS Forty-eight individuals with severe and chronic ambulatory disabilities requiring use of wheelchairs who were recruited from advocacy and support groups for(More)
In advanced periodontal disease alveolar bone crestal loss is readily apparent on radiographs. However, in incipient disease there is a lack of consensus regarding what constitutes crestal bone loss on a radiograph. To properly assess crestal bone loss radiographically requires an appropriate base of reference indicative of the absence of destructive(More)
The present study examines interpretations of subtraction images of pairs of radiographs taken at 0 degrees, 1 degree, or 2 degrees of angle discrepancy. The radiographs were taken at each of 48 alveolar crestal sites on 15 dried human skulls. Computer-simulated lesions were induced at the sites on three fourths of the radiographs. Ten instructed dentists(More)
The aim of this investigation was to determine the relationship between loss of radiographic crestal bone height and probing attachment loss. As part of this aim, we are introducing a new method for determination of a threshold for significant probing attachment loss which takes into account the error contributed by alteration in tissue tone. 57 adults with(More)
Utilizing intraoral radiographs of human skulls taken at known vertical angulation, we have demonstrated that expression of the crest level as a distance between cej and the crest is as accurate as a ratio of bone height to root length. The degree of inaccuracy of either of these measures is related to the magnitude of the angular deviation of the x-ray(More)
The results of this study indicate that automated alignment of pairs of radiographs produces subtractions that are indistinguishable in quality from subtractions aligned manually by an experienced aligner. In developing the algorithm for automated alignment, care was taken that the criteria used for establishing a window appropriate for testing the quality(More)
The authors have applied mathematical morphology for fractal analysis on bone X-ray images. The digitized gray level image is treated as a three-dimensional surface whose fractal dimension is calculated by performing a series of dilations on this surface and plotting the area of the resulting set of surfaces against the size of the structuring element. This(More)