Kristin L Kopperud

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Here, we report on the construction of a novel series of Gateway-compatible plant transformation vectors containing genes encoding autofluorescent proteins, including Cerulean, Dendra2, DRONPA, TagRFP and Venus, for the expression of protein fusions in plant cells. To assist users in the selection of vectors, we have determined the relative in planta(More)
The genome of Potato yellow dwarf virus (PYDV; Nucleorhabdovirus type species) was determined to be 12,875 nucleotides (nt). The antigenome is organized into seven open reading frames (ORFs) ordered 3'-N-X-P-Y-M-G-L-5', which likely encode the nucleocapsid, phospho, movement, matrix, glyco and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase proteins, respectively, except for(More)
Many ecologically and economically important marine fish species worldwide spend portions of their lives in coastal regions that are increasingly inundated by artificial light at night. However, while extensive research illustrates the harmful effects of inappropriate light exposure on biological timing in humans, rodents and birds, comparable studies on(More)
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