Kristin L Jaeger

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Protecting hydrologic connectivity of freshwater ecosystems is fundamental to ensuring species persistence, ecosystem integrity, and human well-being. More frequent and severe droughts associated with climate change are poised to significantly alter flow intermittence patterns and hydrologic connectivity in dryland streams of the American Southwest, with(More)
The diagnosis of the small (4- to 6-microns) Cryptosporidium oocysts is labor intensive and relies on stool concentration, with subsequent staining and microscopy. The primary purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical utility of an antigen capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) (LMD Laboratories, Carlsbad, Calif.) in detecting(More)
Enterotoxigenic strains of B. fragilis associated with childhood diarrhea produce a 20 kD zinc metalloprotease toxin (BFT). BFT is reported to cleave G-actin in vitro and also causes dramatic rounding and rearrangement of the F-actin cytoskeleton in human intestinal epithelial cell lines (HT29) and HT29/C1). To test the hypothesis that the proteolysis of(More)
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