Kristin Kowal

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Treatment with interferon beta-1b (IFNB-1b) is clinically effective in multiple sclerosis patients. However, the mechanism of action is only partially understood, and validated biological response markers are lacking. We assessed IFNB-1b-induced transcriptional changes by microarray technology. Healthy male volunteers received 250 mug IFNB-1b or placebo in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the pharmacokinetics of drospirenone (DRSP) and ethinylestradiol (EE) in Caucasian and Japanese women. METHOD Three open-label, non-randomised studies were performed to assess the pharmacokinetics following single doses of EE 0.02 mg/DRSP 3 mg or DRSP monotherapy (1, 3 or 6 mg) in Caucasian (Study 1) and Japanese (Study 2) women,(More)
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