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Treatment with interferon beta-1b (IFNB-1b) is clinically effective in multiple sclerosis patients. However, the mechanism of action is only partially understood, and validated biological response markers are lacking. We assessed IFNB-1b-induced transcriptional changes by microarray technology. Healthy male volunteers received 250 mug IFNB-1b or placebo in(More)
PURPOSE CD163 is a scavenger receptor which is exclusively expressed on monocytes/macrophages and participates in modulation of inflammatory response. We aimed to evaluate ex vivo production of soluble CD163 (sCD163) by peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from patients with systemic sclerosis (scleroderma, SSc). MATERIAL/METHODS Concentration of(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether cyclophosphamide is beneficial for patients with scleroderma lung disease (SLD). METHODS The effect of 6 months' treatment with intravenous cyclophosphamide on the functional capacity of patients, lung function tests, high resolution computed tomography of the lungs, and cytology of bronchoalveolar lavage was evaluated in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the pharmacokinetics of drospirenone (DRSP) and ethinylestradiol (EE) in Caucasian and Japanese women. METHOD Three open-label, non-randomised studies were performed to assess the pharmacokinetics following single doses of EE 0.02 mg/DRSP 3 mg or DRSP monotherapy (1, 3 or 6 mg) in Caucasian (Study 1) and Japanese (Study 2) women,(More)
Borreliosis is a condition caused by spirochaete-Borrelia burgdorferi, characterised by multiorgan changes and prolonged course with three consecutive stages. The number of diagnosed cases in Poland tends to increase. This is due to the availability of diagnosis tests. Owing to the analysis of blood and CSF by the fluorimetric method 3M IgG/IgM Fastlyme,(More)
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