Kristin Kane Ownby

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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To examine the effects of a seated exercise program on fatigue and quality of life (QOL) in women with metastatic breast cancer. DESIGN Randomized, controlled, longitudinal trial. SETTING Outpatient clinic of a comprehensive cancer center. SAMPLE Convenience sample of 38 women who were beginning outpatient chemotherapy. METHODS(More)
Unrelieved pain is a major medical problem. In response to this problem, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) launched new standards for pain management in 1999. A review was conducted in five hospitals of 117 charts of 80 inpatients and 37 outpatients with cancer who had pain documented in their medical records to(More)
Peripheral neuropathic pain is a unique form of chronic pain that afflicts up to 50% of persons with AIDS. The purpose of this pilot study was to examine the effects of ice massage to reduce neuropathic pain and improve sleep quality and to determine the feasibility of a larger study. A repeated measures design was used. The three treatments consisted of(More)
A variety of peripheral neuropathies occur throughout the course of HIV infection, with the most common peripheral nerve disorder of late HIV infection being distal symmetrical peripheral neuropathy (DSPN). Current management strategies often fail to achieve satisfactory pain relief. This study was designed to explore the everyday life experiences related(More)
The safety and pharmacokinetics of weekly dapsone and weekly dapsone plus pyrimethamine were examined in adult patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection who were at risk for pneumocystis pneumonia because of a prior episode or a CD4+ T-cell count less than 250 cells per mm3. Groups of patients received 100, 200, and 300 mg of dapsone as a single(More)
The shortage of nursing faculty has contributed greatly to the nursing workforce shortage, with many schools turning away qualified applicants because there are not enough faculty to teach. Despite the faculty shortage, schools are required to admit more students to alleviate the nursing shortage. Clinical groups in which preceptors are responsible for(More)
In 1990, the number of cases of tuberculosis (TB) reported in the United States rose 6%. This is a noticeable change since, in prior years, TB had been declining. The increased incidence of TB is largely related to the HIV epidemic. TB is of particular interest in HIV-related illnesses, since it is preventable and treatable. The presentation of(More)
Hematological abnormalities, characterized by cytopenias, are a problem commonly encountered by persons with HIV or AIDS. Cytopenias can be multifactorial in their causation and potentially life threatening to this population. An understanding of the various causes of these cytopenias and the appropriate nursing care are tantamount to nursing practice and(More)
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